I Prodotti Del Sole pays special attention to the raw materials. It chooses the best suppliers of durum wheat semolina that use a special grinding plant allowing to extract from the grain hearth a product of high quality and stability of gluten with a low content of bacteria. This gives to the finished product a high hygienic – sanitary standard. Our pasta is different from the others produced with common durum wheat for the yellow amber colour, for the high retention in cooking and for the limited number of black tips; the high quality of proteins and the uniform particle size allow to develop at the most the organoleptic characteristics (taste and smell) of the finished product.

The Company effects a plan of control according to current regulations (HACCP), the controls and the procedures are guaranteed by the certifications An EN ISO 9001: 2000. Our finished products are stored in special refrigerated cells and are rigorously maintained at a controlled temperature of + 4° C.

The loading of goods is effected without altering and interrupting the cold chain through isothermal loading bays. Using specialized companies for the transport of goods at a controlled temperature, we are able to cover the whole national and international territory.


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