The new factory has been built in the industrial area of Fisciano, province of Salerno. It has a surface extension of 6000 square meters, of which 2500 are covered. The factory is enrolled in the special register of the European Community with the number IT 9 3668/L CE for the production of meat product.

Our fixtures are studied to meet different market demands and they are constantly renewed in order to follow the continuous technological innovations. The Company know-how and experience are employed for the development of effective and efficient solutions to satisfy the needs of our customers.

The moulding phases of our products are constantly checked by our qualified staff. In the past, pasta was homemade, today I Prodotti del Sole draw inspiration from the fresh, genuine and tasty pasta as those once, all produced with the best durum wheat semolina.

All the ingredients and the materials used in the workmanship are submitted to daily and rigorous checks in our laboratory in order to assure and guarantee to the Customer a constant quality and above all a high level.

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I Prodotti del Sole srl
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